Creating a delicious espresso requires precision, experience and above all, passion. Minimoka coffee-makers have been devised to boost the flavour, aroma and cream of the coffee. Each part has its function and together they make up a small work of art. Become an expert coffee-maker, discover the espresso process.
The quality of the water is a vital element in the making of a good espresso. We recommend using mineral water to enhance the flavour of the coffee and prevent the machine from deteriorating. Consult the instruction manual of your coffee-maker to find out how to maintain the machine.
You can use this tool to heat the milk for your espressos. Before heating large amounts of liquid with steam, refill your machine with water.
This accessory will enable you to create delicious milk froth for your espressos. Fit the cappuccino-maker to the vaporiser tube and once ready wait a few seconds until the steam is released. Vary the intensity of the air output to heat or froth the milk.
It’s advisable to pre-heat cups to avoid a contrast of temperature when pouring the espresso. This could break up the delicious cream.
Minimoka knows that everyone has their own way of drinking coffee. That’s why the filter holders are adapted for filter baskets with ground coffee or pods. The filter holder must be hot when you add the coffee, so it’s advisable to place it in the machine before heating the water.
There are a thousand forms of coffee and Minimoka coffee-makers can also be used with pods. Place it flat and make sure it doesn’t come out of the filter holder.
The quantity of coffee used and the degree of compacting are two essential questions when it comes to making a perfect espresso. We recommend a measuring spoon (6-7 grams of ground coffee) for one cup of espresso. Compact the coffee in the filter basket with the flat end of the measuring spoon.
This accessory developed by Minimoka enables you to obtain the maximum cream with any type of coffee. If the grinding and compacting in the filter basket are optimum, the cream will be maximised even more and the coffee will have better body.