Even shorter and twice as intense

Ristretto is an energy pill as it’s made with the same proportions of ground coffee and water. This makes it a coffee with a very intense flavour and aroma. As with espresso, this coffee needs very precise preparation in order to exploit all its flavour.


  • Espresso coffee
  • Sugar (to taste)


When preparing coffee with an espresso machine, an important point is the grinding of the coffee. You must achieve a sufficiently fine texture and compact it when you put it into the coffee-maker. That’s the only way you’ll obtain a thick infusion which can extract all the oils and components of the coffee. In contrast to espresso, with a ristretto you have to shorten the preparation time by half – about 15 seconds - and use between 30 and 40 ml of water. Remember that the ideal Volume (50 cc) / Time (20-25 seconds) ratio depends on the degree of grinding. Thicker coffee means less time for the same volume and vice versa. Serve it in a cup (capacity of about 60-70 ml).