Doing an Espresso

The purest way to enjoy coffee

This way of preparing coffee appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. With the first espresso machines it became possible to extract all the properties and qualities of the coffee. Espresso is the purest form of this delicious drink and as it isn’t supplemented with other components, we must be very careful to prepare it meticulously.


  • 7 g of coffee
  • sugar (to taste)


The ideal process is to grind it using an adjustable grinding mill, in order to obtain a suitable and uniform size of grounds, and immediately, without letting them oxidise, use them to make the coffee. This way the water will extract all the coffee’s essences and qualities as it passes through it at the correct temperature and pressure. To obtain a perfect espresso, the process should take about 20-25 seconds, using about 50 ml of water. The ideal Volume (50 cc) / Time (20-25 seconds) ratio depends on the degree of grinding. Thicker coffee means less time for the same volume and vice versa. It’s better to serve it in a cup (capacity of about 60-70 ml).