Semiprofessional coffee grinder

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Release the aroma of real coffee with the new Minimoka grinder. This semi-professional coffee accessory is ideal for real coffee-lovers. You’ll fill your home with aroma and you’ll be able to enjoy complete freedom to prepare perfect coffee.

  • Hopper CapacityCoffee bean container 500 gr
  • Mill holdersAluminium alloy
  • Mills Flat, diameter: 49 mm
  • Mill materialTempered Steel
  • Kind of motorPermanent Magnet with Reductor
  • Motor speed700 r.p.m. slow speed
  • Heating It's minimum due to slow speed & it doesn't damage features of coffee bean
  • Grinding regulation Micrometic regulation of thickness of ground coffee
  • StartingInstant operated by push switch with direct coffee outlet
  • Body MaterialStainless Steel Body
  • MotorPower of 200W