The true taste of coffee

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It guarantees a continuous removal assuring a compact and durable cream thanks to its Extra Cream filter and its aluminium filter holder. Its stainless steel body makes it easy to clean and keeps it as the first day.

  • Body Material Plastic with stainless steel front
  • Deposit 1’6 L Capacity. Easy removal. Visible water level
  • Hot water outlet By the steam tube
  • Steam outlet Cappuccino function tube to heat and foam milk
  • Heating system Aluminium boiler: Fast heating, ready to make coffee in 3 min
  • Self-priming pump 15 bar of maximum working pressure. Silent
  • Holder Aluminium
  • Coffee Filter 2 stainless steel filter baskets with a built-in ExtraCream filter
  • Kinds of coffee Ground coffee
  • Auto primer Self-priming and overpressure special safety valve
  • Others Cup warming tray