MINIMOKA CM-1695 Black

Modest, elegant and smart

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All Minimoka’s know-how and experience in the world of coffee, together with the most up-to-date design. Fill your kitchen with aroma using this cutting edge design machine. The chrome plated brass filter holder and the SuperCrema filter guarantee creamy coffee with all the flavour of real espresso.


  • Body Material Plastic
  • Deposit 1’5 L Capacity. Easy removal. Visible water level
  • Hot water outlet For steam pipe
  • Steam outlet Capuccino pipe for heating and frothing milk
  • Heating system Boiler. Aluminium. Fast heating, in less than 3 min ready to make coffee
  • Self-priming pump Maximum working pressure 15 bar. Silent
  • Holder Aluminium
  • Filter ExtraCream: Made in stainless steel, fitted in the filter holder, real espresso with cream from any kind of ground coffee
  • Coffee Filter 2 Stainless steel filter holder with the ExtraCream system to grant you a perfect café cream
  • Kinds of coffee Ground coffee.
  • Power1050 W
  • Auto primer Special valve for priming and overpressure safety