Tradition that looks to the future

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This coffee-maker is the legacy of the classic Mimokas. Its entire body is made of stainless steel, meaning that you’ll be guaranteed a coffee-maker for life. It uses ground coffee or pods. Its SuprCrema filter will top your delicious espresso with a smooth cream.


  • Body Material High Quality finishing in Stainless Steel
  • Deposit 1’5 L Capacity. Easy removal. Visible water level
  • Hot water outlet From filterholder
  • Steam outlet Capuccino pipe for heating and frothing milk
  • Heating system Boiler. Fast heating, in less than 3 min ready to make coffee
  • Self-priming pump Maximum working pressure 15 bar
  • Holder Aluminium. Filterholder pressure release incorporated
  • Filter ExtraCream: Made in stainless steel, fitted in the filter holder, real espresso with cream from any kind of ground coffee
  • Coffee Filter 3 stainless steel filters with the ExtraCream system to grant you a perfect café cream
  • Kinds of coffee Ground coffee. All standard paper pods
  • Power1050 W
  • Auto primer Special valve for self-priming and overpressure safety
  • Others Cup warming plate. Stainless steel plate in upper part of the machine